Sources: Lied on resumé, Yoda did

DAGOBAH – New documents suggest Yoda, former member of the Jedi High Council, may have lied on his resumé.  The resumé Yoda used when applying for his council position differs from a slightly older version he used to get a job at an Orange Julius on Jabiim.

Included on his council resumé but not his ealier one include:

• Captain, Battle Cruiser Corinth
• Professor Emeritus, Yavin Jedi Academy
• CFO, Incom Corporation
• Lead Software Engineer, T-47 Weapons Systems
• Branch Manager, Guitar Center on B’rii Dak II
• Producer, Ewoks in the Mist
• Contestant, The Price is Right

  Yoda also had listed his earning the title of Jedi Master in 796, while corroborating documents put the year at 805.
Yoda denied to be interviewed, but released a statement through his publicist:
“Lies matter not. Innocent am I. After 900 years, see how good your memory is.”