Stormtroopers face struggling economy

MYGEETOEnlisting as a Stormtrooper used to be known as a promising and stable career move, but as the economy wanes across the galaxy, the job isn’t as secure was it once was.

Troopers who used to easily find overtime work now find themselves with fewer hours, in many cases cut to part-time work, forcing them to find a second job.

“A year ago, if I asked my commander if I could work a double shift it would be no problem,” said TK-688, stationed on Mois Eisley.

“Now I’m working the midnight shift at Fly ‘n’ Go to help pay the rent.”
TC-261, Stormtrooper in the 501st Legion, said things have changed since the Clone Wars.

“I guess we didn’t realize how good we had it back then. We got time-and-a-half on Geonosis and most of us blew that money on death sticks, juma juice and betting on pod races. We didn’t think things would dry up like they have.”

“I accept that we have less work right now, but what really worries me is all those empty Death Star trench guns. I guess they know what they are doing,” said 261.