Wookies rally for Ron Paul

KASHYYYK – Republican Chancellor candidate Ron Paul is gearing up for the 6060 elections, and he’s finding support on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk.

“Paul’s message of small government resonates with me,” said Rowrakruk resident Mazbarrr. “Rrrrraaaah!” he added.

Although Paul hasn’t caught on to mainstream support across the galaxy, he has shown a suprising show of support on the Galactic Wide Web.

Grakksha, a small business owner, said he likes Paul’s philosophies.
“If you look at all that the Galactic Senate and our current chancellor have done, there is no doubt they are just expanding their power and government programs. I mean, look at the Stormtrooper program if you don’t believe me. Not only have they added who knows how many new troopers, they’re sending them places we have no businesses being.”

Not everyone agrees with Paul’s strategy of a smaller Galactic Republic.
“In simpler times, a smaller government was more realistic,” Chancellor Palpatine recently said in an interview with The Bespin Times. “If we want to continue to grow the standard of living and keep the peace, the government is the only organization large enough and with enough resources to up us achieve those goals.”

Despite his isolationist stance, Paul has criticized Palpatine with his slow action on the blockade of Naboo.

“If it were me, the blockade would be over and Queen Amidala and her people would not be isolated and in limbo. Obviously Palpatine doesn’t care about the citizens of Naboo. He seems to have other motives.”

Pollsters say Paul’s chances of winning the primary is slim despite his Wookie support, but they say other politicians will likely study the way he used the web to organize his grassroot efforts.